The New Riders of the Golden Age, internationally acclaimed joust professionals from Sarasota, FL, will offer a different equestrian jousting program each festival weekend, three times daily. These true-to-life jousters will surprise and delight with their live steel swordsmanship and daring deeds, clashing with one another in genuine full-contact competitive matches. Everyone in attendance will want to witness the pageantry and peril that only these brave knights and their warhorses can bring to the battlefield.

To round out your daily adventure, enjoy historical re-enactment groups full of informational fun, games of skill, hands-on activities, and free craft-making for the wee-folk. With more than 60 merchants, over 200 costumed characters, and dozens of performers, this really is Nebraska’s largest Renaissance festival!


Queen Elizabeth I and Court

Clearly Guilty

Cheeks & Phoenix
Grimmlash - Whip Master

Tricks of the Light

Free Company of the White Stag

The Crew of the Black Swan
Guardians of the Black Forest

Highland Marital Mayhem
Jewel in the Lotus

Judas & Magnolia

Kazmir the Hungry

New Riders of the Golden Age

Second-hand Shakespeare

Scenery Changes
Rose Red - Town Crier

The Faerie Court of the Land
Tatania the Queen Fairy


William and Blackjack


Weekend 2

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Weekend 1

From majestic royals to the magical faeries,

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