WEEKEND 2 - 2017

On May 13 and 14, join Queen Elizabeth and her court in a celebration of the Scots and the Irish during our Shamrocks and Shenanigans weekend. Shout your huzzahs and blow your bagpipe during the daily Kilt and Calf Contest. Is it the tartan they wear or the shapely legs that make the maids swoon? Come find out as we celebrate all things Celtic. Kids will have an opportunity to make and take their own free special shamrock craft at the Fairy Treehouse, and if they’re lucky, some may even spy a real live leprechaun!

The Queen hath made a strategic decision! Her Majesty has ordered Lord Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leciester, to go to Scotland and propose marriage to Her rival, Queen Mary of Scots. Thus, accomplishing two objectives: First, to bring Scotland into some sort of alliance with England and Second, to remove the drama and scandel that seems to follow Robert Dudley at every turn. Killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

But Lord Dudley has made it known that he does not wish to go to Scotland and marry the Scottish Queen. He wants nothing more than to stay in England and be by his queen’s side. Therefore Queen Elizabeth has asked Her court and all subjects of Crownsbury to don themselves in the clothing of the Celts. Encouraging Lord Dudley to embrace the culture of the Celts, especially the Scots. The Queen’s court is more than happy to oblige the request. Anything to expedite Dudley’s exit from court.

But will Lord Robert Dudley defy the Queen’s command and stay in England? Will Her Majesty’s affection for Dudley get the better of Her and change Her mind about sending him off? What will the townspeople and royal court do to prevent that from happening?All types of highland and lowland malarky can be expected, during the weekend of Shamrocks and Shenanigans